Ham and 10 years

I am not a big fan of ham. I love pork but, ham for some reason is just meh, or it was until I actually learned to cook it. Ham isn’t awful, dry, and dull if you do it right. Unfortunately, all the ham I had ever had was overcooked to the point that you might as well be eating jerky. Now, I buy a ham when it is on sale, cheap, and we cut slices off of it, then pan fry it to make it just done and nice and juicy.

Now, that is only with a precooked ham, and there are still some that need complete cooking, I don’t buy those as I don’t want to cook the whole big ass thing at once. I have done it and kept one moist but for my family it makes more since to do it in pieces.


Right now I have a Yankee Candle “Sparkling Cinnamon” candle burning. It is making the entire house smell like the cinnamon with a bit of clove background. It is absolutely lovely and makes the house smell like it is still the holidays, even if we are moving away from them.

In fact, we are coming to the close of Holidalies which makes me sad. I love having that pressure to post on a daily basis. I wish there was a portal like that for year round posting. I tried to start one a few years ago but, since I don’t actually know how to program it, well, I gave up. My one resolution for this year though is to post at least twice a week on this journal.

Yes, I said journal, that’s what it is, what it has always been. 10 years of doing this makes me able to say that.. Yeah, 10 years ago (in March) is when I actually started seriously journaling. Prior to that I wrote a once a week up date on my old Geocities for a couple years. So, all in all, that makes 12 years of writing online about myself.

Holy shit when I think back just the 10 years, I am an entirely different person. Oh, I’m still married to the same man, still live in Virginia but, I have changed a lot but, who doesn’t from age 24 to age 34. Everyone changes in those 10 years, which is why they say you shouldn’t marry so young. I agree, to a point.

You shouldn’t marry young if you think that the person you are with now will always be the same. Your partner will change, as you do, especially in your 20s. If you change together, or adapt to one another as you change, your marriage can survive, or even thrive. It just takes a willingness to do this.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where some of the changes have been tough. I know that Tony didn’t expect me to become even more liberal than I was at 24. Instead of doing as someone told him I would and becoming more conservative the older I get, the further and further left I lean.

I write more but less openly. I learned that people will use your words against you if you let them.

I weigh more than 10 years ago but less than 2 years ago.

My hair is much shorter, in fact I keep it shorter now that I ever did before. It is also much pinker. And greyer if you were to see it without the dye on it.

I could list a bunch of other things and I will someday, for tonight this is enough.

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  1. Kittie Howard Says:

    Stumbled upon your very interesting blog…happy to read your mother is okay…yes, the year could have had a worse beginning…like you optimism…Happy New Year!