black, fuzzy slippers

My black fuzzy slippers are my absolute favorite things in the world right now. That and the pair of black socks underneath them. My feet are still cold even with them on but, if I took them off my feet would be blue.


Speaking of blue, I have been thinking of changing my hair from fuschia to blue for awhile but, the whole blue process is such a big pain in the ass, having to strip the hair to white before dyeing it is rough. Plus, it damages the hell out of your hair, and while I will be shaving my head again in a few months for St. Baldrick’s I am wearing my hair about 2 inches or so long right now which is the longest it has been in 3 years. The damage from the bleach would probably destroy too much of the hair shaft.

The fuschia I use is actually an all in one highlighting kit that I use all over my head. It is quick, easy, and crazy bright, plus it lasts so much longer than Manic Panic or Special FX. The only problem is I have only found it in two colors; fuschia and red. If they made this in blue, I’d be right with it.


And, right with it, is where I should be with my bed. Good night all.

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